MacGregor Logistics is a family owned and operated national
logistics business based in Melbourne’s western suburbs.

MacGregor Logistics is a family owned and operated national logistics company with over 45 years of industry knowledge and experience.

We have maintained successful partnerships with blue chip companies spanning this entire period, we have become a leading logistics service provider that delivers real value to our customers.

Chris started the business alongside her husband Bill in the early 1970s. Their focus from day one was to partner with their customers and to promote shared success. From Humble beginnings, Chris has endured and has nurtured a business with a strong focus on safety, reliability, transparency and customer service.

Throughout the last 45 years, Chris has worked alongside owner drivers, customers and staff to create a unique family atmosphere. Her leadership has developed a modern Transport and Logistics company with family based values from the past.

Utilizing latest technology and efficient systems, alongside our focus on old fashion service makes MacGregor Logistics the ideal partner to grow your business.

The benefits to our clients include

  • Volume flexibility
  • Consistent delivery of customer service
  • Fixed Logistics costs
  • Reduced capital expenditure in assets and inventory
  • Productivity and Performance improvements
  • Continuous improvement
  • Clients focus on core business

Dedicated to safety and technology

MacGregor Logistics delivers high standards efficiently while executing services safely.

At MacGregor Logistics we are proud of our impressive safety record. We maintain the best safety records in the industry, safety management and control are major priorities.

Our vision is that everyone should go home safe and healthy at the end of each working day because our employees and contractors are an integral part of our business. We work to achieve our vision with strong leadership, which is backed up with our systems and processes that effectively monitor risks and implement steps to minimize them.

MacGregor Logistics continually invests in upgrading technology to allow smooth easy access; our clients get visibility of their stock from pick up, storage through to the time that it gets delivered in a web-enabled environment.