We Are Now ISO 9001:2015 Accredited

MacGregor Logistics for Quality…. Assured

After a lengthy process, MacGregor Logistics is proud to announce our accreditation under After a lengthy process MacGregor Logistics is proud to announce our accreditation under ISO 9001:2015. MacGregors has been a quality assured company for decades however with recent updates to the quality system we have made several fundamental changes and now are to the level of the most up to date QA.

Working closely with SAI Global we were able to review the original system in place and update accordingly. This accreditation gives our customers the knowledge that when MacGregors complete their freight and logistics tasks, we are doing it to the highest standards. Our operation is focused on providing the best service in our industry.

We have always strived for continual improvement. With documented procedures in place, it allows us to quickly come up with solutions on the occasions whereby a service delivery is at risk of failure.

Having celebrated 45 years in the transport and logistics industry on 1st February 2017, we are all still learning in a fast paced, ever changing and very competitive field. Our new DC is evidence of our commitment to our customers, to our staff and to our contractors.

Achieving ISO 9001:2015 sets us apart from our competitors and gives us the knowledge and procedures to provide the most reliable transport and logistics solutions for our valued clients.