MacGregor Logistics Takes Road Safety to the Next Step

In front of a group of distinguished guest, including Federal Minister for Infrastructure and Transport, the Hon. Darren Chester MP , technology that could save lives and provide critical data for roads authorities was unveiled in Derrimut on Wednesday 15/11/17.

MacGregor Logistics has partnered with AutoMonitor to trial safety technology originally developed for the US Military. It has been installed on one of MacGregors B-Double prime movers and is generating data so that driver behaviour, load mass, location, speed and fatigue management can be monitored remotely. It features a “traffic light display” that changes from Green to Amber and Red when the vehicle becomes unstable and this is clearly visible to the driver so that they have early warning of impending issues.

This information is sent to Fleet Managers in real-time, enabling them to alert the driver of any safety issues and to schedule required maintenance. Alongside driver education and controlled maintenance, this system could become a game changer for fleet coordination and safety. MacGregor Logistics Managing Director, Chris MacGregor is very supportive of the trial. “Anything that helps to reduce the risks is very welcome she remarked to Channel 7 news who covered the event.

Being fully developed in Melbourne with Australian conditions in mind, the AutoMonitor shows what local ingenuity can produce when trying to solve real world issues. In 2015, 211 people (4 a week) were killed from crashes involving heavy vehicles, and each year approximately 1,600 people (31 a week) are hospitalised from truck related incidents. These statistics are extremely concerning, and it is important that all stakeholders do their part to ensure the safety of drivers and the public.

MacGregor Logistics takes it role in the supply chain very seriously and understands the pressures of the logistics industry. “We do everything we can to ensure the drivers are given ample time to meet their delivery windows, are given modern, well maintained equipment to drive and are well educated on their health and wellbeing which translates directly to positive outcomes for our customers” says Chris Macgregor.